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BONEJOUR pet resort & spa




1124 Huey P Long Ave

Gretna, LA 70053


After taking some information over the phone or email, we schedule a complimentary 30 minute Meet & Greet with potential clients at their home. We meet your pet(s) and take detailed information about their needs. A written estimate is provided so you know exactly how much it will cost. If the walking or sit is a go, we will need 2 set of keys to your house. If you have a security system you will need to show us how to use it. If possible, we'd prefer our own code. We will need a copy of your pets' vaccination records. If a Meet & Greet is scheduled and you are a no-show or do not cancel prior to our arrival, you will be billed $25.

Pet Sitting

Pet Care
With every visit, we feed your pets and give them fresh water. If their bowls need cleaning we will wash them. We scoop the litter box every day and put the waste in an outside garbage can. Other critters’ bedding will get changed as needed or per your instructions. Any “accidents” will be cleaned up. We will play with your pet, cuddle and pet or brush them, based on your pet’s preferences. Dogs get a walk or let out in an enclosed yard. We will gladly e-mail or text you daily updates and photos.

Built in House Sitting
We will also bring in your mail, newspaper and turn off and on different lights and water your plants. We check all authorized rooms in the house to make sure there is no damage or anything is amiss (or to see if one of your pets left you a "present"). We strive to give you peace of mind about the well-being and comfort of your pets and the safety of your house. You are always free to contact us to check in with your pets and home.

Medications, Special Needs and Requests are no problem! 
We have experience administering a variety of medications and treatments to dogs and cats and will do so to the best of our ability and under your instruction, but we stress we are not veterinary professionals. We have experience in insulin injections, pills, topical creams, bottle feeding, and PT. We've tended to blind pets, deaf pets, pets with few or no teeth, pets with diapers, dogs with storm anxiety and dogs with wheels. Special needs pets are no problem. Have a special request for your pet? Maybe your cat will only drink from a glass or faucet and likes to sleep on a heating blanket. Perhapes your dog likes to watch TV or to be read to. We've had all these requests and more.

Long Term Pet Sitting
$55 per night (inludes 3 daily 15-20 min visits)
$3.00 for each additional pet (dog or cat)
$2.00 additional per small animal enclosure (cage, hutch, aquarium, etc)

Cat Sitting
$18 per visit up to two cats
$2.00 for each additional cat

$1.50 to administer pills, supplements, oral liquids, or eye drops.

$3.50 to administer injections (insulin, etc)

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